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Kennels Visited

Trip to Boom Hill Kennels - Old Town, Maine

Brenda and I have visited Stan Gomm and Boom Hill Kennels in Old Town Maine three times now.  We have really enjoyed all three trips and are planning to go back again in October 2014.  Stan has a real nice kennel of hounds that any hunter would be proud to own.  They handle well, have good conformation, and are all real hunting beagles.  Our first trip was a 5 day trip in November of 2010; we were living in Pennsylvania at the time.  My discussions with Stan started due to my search for hunting beagle breeding stock.  As Stan and I continued our discussion I realized that we had similar likes and dislikes regarding hunting beagles and at that point I knew a trip to old Town Main was in my future.  We made arrangements with Stan to hunt hare and run hounds for about 5 days in November of 2010.   Stan has an apartment above his garage that he rents out by the day to hare hunters.  He also has kennel space for your hounds and a 40 acre fenced enclosure stocked with hare to work the young dogs while you are there.  Maine is a hare hunters dream (from my perspective) if you enjoy beautiful country and enjoy hunting hare.  

Brenda and I went back again in November of 2011 only this time we stayed for a week.  We again really enjoyed our time out hunting, training the young dogs on hare in the pen, and having delicious dinners with Stan and his wife in the evenings when we could work out our schedules.  I have decided on what mating I want a pup from out of Stan's kennels and when the mating is made in 2012 I look forward to integrating that breeding into my blood lines.

Brenda and I went back in 2012 for a 7 day hunting trip and purchased a pup (Addie) from Stan.  I have been very pleased with Addie and actually bred her this year (2014) to Whopper. 

If you are interested in Stan's Kennel and learning about his hounds Google up his website (Boom Hill Kennels)  

We took some pictures during our two trips there and will attach them to this web page. 


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